• ABOUT US – Mohawk


    Mohawk is the result of a quest for a well designed office bag that won’t hurt the wallet. For years the bags & luggage variants in the market have given few options to the customers. You could either buy a good looking bag or a well priced one, but not a bag that was both! If the bag was high on utility, it was low on looks or unaffordable. That resulted in a sea of ugly black backpacks littering the office spaces. At Mohawk, we decided to change that. Keeping in mind the fashion needs and affordability for the young consumer who is a rookie or a fresh upstart, we are creating office & light travel bags that would do justice to aesthetics and value. The journey hasn’t been easy, but we are young and ready to fight a long pitched battle against mediocrity. 

    Keep loving us and we promise to keep it real! And Hey, if you ever want to reach us for anything that we could help you with, or you want to tell us off for not living up to your expectations, please do drop in a line at contact@mohawkbags.com